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A.K.A. The Spirit Mercenary
Spirit Realm Alexander
Ally Spirits Unknown
Enemy Spirits Unknown
Pact Requirements Archetype-Summon 15
1000 Gil
Half Pact May summon Yojimbo for 100 gil.
Full Pact May summon Yojimbo for 50 gil.
True Pact Yojimbo gains +1 HL pierce(For 2 total).

Yojimbo does not prevent the summoner from gaining a second true pact, but in such a case, the summoner loses 10 resources to keep the spirit mollified.

Geasa Does not work for free. Ever.

The Greater Spirit of Mercenaries, Yojimbo is a fierce samurai wielding a katana and dressed in traditional bushido regalia. Upon payment, and /only/ upon payment, will Yojimbo reveal himself and set himself against the enemy with terrifying power. Of course, the power depends on how much the pacter was willing to spend. Cheapskates need not apply, and run the risk of insulting Yojimbo's pride, and losing their head. Yojimbo has a soft spot for animals, particularly canines, and is often seen with one around him.
In game terms Yojimbo's manifestation inflicts 200 Physical Damage, piercing 1hl per enemy.
For every 500gil extra. He inflicts another 80hp of damage.
Editor note: Wha? Look at his summons' +rpinfo. Does not match up at ALL. Rewrite?