A Warden

A highly-specialized kind of priest, wardens are supreme specialists in the warding of locations and the Sactification of buildings, objects, and areas. Wardens are the ones responsible for creating, and maintaining, any plot of Holy Ground, and the wards created by groups of Wardens working together can be quite potent.

Base StatsEdit

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Ability
Level 7 Acolyte 100% 100% Wardens are always aware of warded/enchanted areas they enter. For 10 MP they can cancel an enchantment over an area for a minute provided it is within 20 ft/short range of themselves. For the same 10 MP they can increase its blessing/curse by 50% for a minute. Both uses cancel each other out.

L4 LimitEdit

The Warden can make use of Instill-Blessing or Instill-Curse immediately, once. The enchantment will only function for 3/2/1 rounds. The Warden must have points in Instill-Blessing or Instill-Curse to use this limit.

L8 LimitEdit

The Warden immediately Sanctifies the room he's in. If in open area, it extends to Willpower square yards around the Warden. The Warden must have the Sanctify special to use this ability. This ability lasts 3/2/1 rounds.


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Armor of Tranquility 4 25
Bless 4 25
Bless Weapon 4 25
Curse 4 25
Detect Enchantment 50 1
Dispel 8 25
Instill-Blessing 8 25
Instill-Curse 8 25
Sanctify 75 1
Vengeful Weapon 4 25
Basic Skills JP Cost Max Rank
Arcana 3 25
Empathy 3 15
Etiquette 3 15
Folk-Lore 3 25
Linguistics 3 25
Lore 3 25
Politics 3 10
Security 3 15