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A.K.A. The Merciful Nymph
Spirit Realm The Bright Waters
Ally Spirits None
Enemy Spirits None
Pact Requirements Water-Summon 5
Archetype-Summon 5
May ignore one of above requirements if Healer special is 10 or higher
Half Pact +5 Undine's Breath spell component
If pacted within her realm, may spend 20 MP to wash away all status effects upon allies
Full Pact Unknown
True Pact Unknown
Geasa Must have a trident-shaped charm on their person at all times

The beautiful and merciful water nymph, Undine, the patron of the Healing Waters. It is to her that all spas and health retreats owe thanks to. This archetypal spirit represents the efforts of the world to heal the sick.


A beautiful human-like nymph, sometimes perceived as having more aquatic features. She is seldom far from the springs that she tends to, and her manner is kind and gentle, like a nurse. Angering her is difficult to do, and few would ever wish to try; truly, she is a spirit with a kind heart.

Typically known for her mermaid-like appearance and the trident in her hand, the water nymph spirit Undine is seductive in appearance, yet nonchalant in her dealings with life and death

Spirit Channeler BenefitEdit

Focused on by a channeler, they become cured and immune to disease, including [Fester]. With a touch and 5 MP, they may cure anyone else of a disease or status ailment of their choice, including [Fester].

This watery summon enables the summoner to heal (spell damage amount) to all members of their party, and inflict (spell damage amount) to all targeted enemies.