Akashic Library
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A.K.A. N/A
Spirit Realm Sub-Realm of Alexander
Ally Spirits Alexander
Enemy Spirits Unknown
Pact Requirements Unknown
Half Pact Unknown
Full Pact Unknown
True Pact Unknown
Geasa Unknown

The border between Alexander and The Storm, outside there is always a constant thunderstorm upon the horizon, kicking up winds and rain now and then. Within, however, is a peaceful, tranquil place of study and reflection, with only the very faint muffled coughs of librarians inside, or thunder outside, heard. Otherwise, the place is one of silent study. And silence is enforced here; most talking is through whispers or gestures, and those who disturb the peace are shushed once politely, and a second time are [Muted] until they leave.

There is a 45% chance of meeting a random Great Spirit within the halls of the Library. The library is a source of information for Spirits and Mortals alike, all are known to come here. The identity of said spirit is up to the ruling Judge's discretion just try to keep it within reason to a spirit who is likely to use the library.

Local SpiritsEdit


The Lord of Lightning, the great library of the Akashic records is one of the places he is most likely to be found. People in search of him must be patient and seek him out, an audience is not guranteed and his opinion of people who interupt his studies for frivalous or ill thought out reason's is not favourable.

+dice 1d100 65% chance that Ramah will be found someplace within the library.

For Details See Ramuh

The LibrarianEdit

The Librarian and master of the Library, they are responsible for enforcing the rules of the library. They are usually located at the enquiry desk by the main entrance.

They are always willing to direct people to who or what they are searching for, though they are known to deal harshly with anyone damaging or attempting to remove items from the library.

For Details See The Librarian


A fair powered spirit of knowledge and thought. He beleives in helping those who help themselves. Callers of Daravon must never let a mystery go by without investigating it, or lose their pact.

For Details See Daravon


Another Spirit of Knowledge, this one is less...kind, then the more famous Daravon. Granted, the knowledge you gain from him will be more than a just a silly clue.

For Details See Mephistopheles


Master of storytellers, this jovial spirit offers challenges of the mind to those who visit him at the Akashic Library.

For Details see Gygax

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