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Base Stats

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Ability
Level 2 Template
Level 3 Template
100%? 100%? Always on class ability goes here

L4 Limit

Fill Me In

L8 Limit

Fill Me In


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Example 42 100
Example2 100 42
Basic Skills JP Cost Max Rank
Alertness 3 N/A
Arcana 3 N/A
Artistry 3 N/A
Athletics 3 N/A
Brawl 3 N/A
Crafts 3 N/A
Defense 3 N/A
Empathy 3 N/A
Etiquette 3 N/A
Farming 3 N/A
Folk-Lore 3 N/A
Homekeeping 3 N/A
Investigation 3 N/A
Leadership 3 N/A
Linguistics 3 N/A
Lore 3 N/A
Medicine 3 N/A
Melee 3 N/A
Performing 3 N/A
Politics 3 N/A
Ranged 3 N/A
Riding 3 N/A
Sailing 3 N/A
Science 3 N/A
Security 3 N/A
Stealth 3 N/A
Streetwise 3 N/A
Subterfuge 3 N/A
Survival 3 N/A
Torture 3 N/A

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