Spirit Channeler Merit Edit

Surrendering the ability to summon a spirit to manifest itself in the physical realm, a summoner with this merit instead attunes their body to the spirit. Upon pacting they decide on how this power will manifest. Dragonscale Armour for Morkaleb, a sword made of Ice from Shiva, or even the ability to perform mighty jumps from Lagomorph. Manifesting this power costs its regular casting costs, and you may uphold two of them at the same time. Only, though, if the spirits they come from are aligned; like Atma and Alexander, but not Shiva and Fenris. The second manifestation, however, costs 2 MP per round you use it after you've cast it, paid before you get to choose to keep it or not.

The particular effect is always the same and will be Jnoted on the summoner.


5 Merit Points