Basic Skills
Alertness Arcana Artistry Athletics Brawl
Crafts Defense Empathy Etiquette Farming
Folk-Lore Homekeeping Investigation Leadership Linguistics
Lore Medicine Melee Performing Politics
Ranged Riding Sailing Science Security
Stealth Streetwise Subterfuge Survival Torture
Special Skills
Accessory-Break Accumulate Adrenaline Agility Aim
Air-Affinity Air-Lance Air-Summon Air-Walk Alchemy
Alter the Land Ambush Animal Call Any-Magic Limit
Apply-Poison Appraise Aptitude Arcane Blade Dance Arcane-Dedication
Archetype-Summon Arm Potential Arm-Aim Armor Armor of Tranquility
Armor-Break Armor2 Ashes To Ashes Assassin's Mark Assimilate
Athletic-Prowess Attune Aura-Barrier Aural Fire Aural Sight
Aural Strength Auto-Dodge Auto-Potion Awaken Back-Stab
Ball-Lightning Banish Banish-Disease Battoujutsu Bird speed
Black-Affinity Black-Summon Blade-Grasp Bless Armor Bless Weapon
Blighted Embrace Blind-Strike Blitz-Follower Blitz-Master Zone of Life
Blitz-Student Bloody-Roar Blur Body-Shield Breaking-Point
Breath Breath-Weapon Burden of Sin Burrow Burst-Slash
Burst-Wave Business-Sense Butchering By My Command Called-Card
Calm Captivate Card-Trick Catapault Chakra
Charge Charm Choco-beak Choco-Scratch Chocobo-Summon
Cloaking Coin-Toss Cold Snap Colossus Command-Chocobo
Command-Dead Command-Rabble Commanding-Presence Conceal Darkness Concentration
Confess Confusion Conjure-Self Conservative-Spending Construct-Gadget
Control-Sea Control-Technology Cook Counter-Flood Counter-Spell
Counter-Tackle Cover Cover-Fire Craft Skill Crazy-Blow
Crippling-Strike Crushing Blow Cry-of-the-Banshee Cursed-Transformation Cyclone
Damning Touch Dance of Allies Dance of Foes Dark Will Dark-Slash
Dark-Wave Darkness Dash Day-Affinity Defend
Defile Deflect-Shot Deflect-Spell Destructive Trance Detect Enchantment
Detect-Faith Detect-Gold Detect-Magic Detect-Trap Detect-Undead
Detonate Diagnose Directed Strike Dispatch Displacement
Distract Divine Astrology Divine Boon Divine Healing Divine Inspiration
Divine Protection Divine-Presence DoRyuSen Double-Slash Dragon Bond
Dragon-Flare Dragon-Spirit Dragon-Summon Drainer Draw-Weapon
Dream Dual-Wield Durability Dwarven-Belly Eagle-Eye
Earth's Transport Earth-Affinity Earth-Cutter Earth-Summon Egg of Life
Elusive Target Enhanced-Senses Ensnaring Strikes Equip-Any-Armor Escape
Extra-Appendages Face Me Feather-Walk Feign-Element Feral Hunting
Fevor Fickle-Fates Field Surgery Final Message Final Service
Find-Book Fine-Tune Fire-Affinity Fire-Summon Fishing
Flame-Tongue Florintene Fly Focus Follow-Orders
Fortune Gaia's Mercy Gaia's Song Gaia's Transport Gambit
Gatotsu Graft Graft Control Graft Other Graft Undead
Grand-Blow Grand-Rage Guts Hagele's Step Hamedo
Hand of God Harvesting Healer Hellfire Herbalism
Heretic Chimera Hesitate Hidden-Stab Hide-Monster Hit-All
Holy Might Humanity's Grace Hunter Prestige Hunting Ice-Affinity
Ice-Summon Illusion Imbue-Strike Imbue-Weapon Imitate
Immaculate Imp Bond Imp-Summon Imprint Improvement Mastery
Incite-Rage Induce Nightmare Inertial-Field Inferno-Technique Inflict Wrath
Infuse-Dead Insanity Points Inspire Instill-Blessing Instill-Curse
Instill-Faith Internal Assimilation Interrupt Interrupting Bash Iron-Skin
Jinx Jury Rig Kick-Art Klingenfaust-Follower Klingenfaust-Master
Klingenfaust-Student Knife-Mastery Know-Book KuzuRyuSen Laboratory
Lady's-Fury Lady's-Wrath Last-Shot Lay on Hands Leap
Learn Leg-Aim Life Link Lightning-Affinity Lightning-Summon
Lock-On LoudMouth Lower-MP Mad Dance Magic-Arrow
Magic-Break Magitech Make-Plan Mako Mana-Burst
Mana-Shock Manaball Martial-Arts Martyr's Gambit Martyr's Paling
Meatbone-Slash Mental-break Meticulous Perfection Mimic Mimic-Daravon
Mining Minor Creation Misplace Mix Mountain-Walk
Mounted-Charge Mug Multiple-Shot Musk Mute-Strike
Nature's-Call Nega-Magic Negate-Armor Night-Affinity Night-Slash
Niten No-Mind Ougi Overcharge Peaceful-Aura
Perfect Lie Phoenix-Crest Plains-Walk Poison-Affinity Poison-Spray
Power-Break Prismatic Aura Psychokinesis Psychometry Punch-Art
Pure Purge Pursuit QuadraSlam Quick-Draw
Quills Rabid-Bite Rage-Major Rage-Minor Raise-HP
Raise-MP Raise-Resources Raise-Shock Random-Card Rapid-Fire
Rapid-Reload Recall Reclaimation Reflexes Regenerator
Reincarnate Repair Repeating-Fist Requiem Research Team
Resist-Monster Retort RyuKanSen RyuShoSen RyuSouSen
RyuTsuiSen Sacrifice Sadness Sanctify Sandstorm
Scan Scientific Method Sea-Legs Secret-Fist Selkie's-Grace
Sell-Hot Set-Trap Shadow Blood Shadow Nature Shadow's Song
Shadow-Form Shadow-Step Shadow-Walk Shape-Shift Shared Trait
Shell of Gaia Shield Counter Shield Mastery Shield Stun Word of God
Shield Wall Shield-Use Shock Shroud Siren-Song
Slime-Consistency Slots Smuggle Snipe Sonic-Boom
Soothe-the-Fire Soul Food SouRyuSen Speed-Break Spin-Fist
Spirit Body Spirit Walk Spirit-Speech Spirit-Ward Splay of Corpses
Stand-Ground Stasis-Sword Steal-Accessory Steal-Armor Steal-Gil
Steal-Heart Steal-Intellect Steal-Magic Steal-Soul Steal-Weapon
Stem the Flow Strip Enchantment Stunner Stunning-Slash Sudden-Assault
Summon Ally Sunken-State Suppression Supreme-Blow Swallow
Swordplay Symbiosis Synthesization Tame Tap-Monster
Teach Telepathy Terminal Velocity Terrain's-Blessing Thread of Silence
Throw-Item Throw-Rock Throw-weapon Thumb-Nose Toughen
Trading Trample Tranquil Spirit Trickshot Tsumedo-Follower
Tsumedo-Master Tsumedo-Student Tsunami Twirling Defense X-Magic
Two-Hands Undead Unlock Unstoppable Rampage Upkeep
Use-Item Vanity Vengeful Weapon Vested Interest Victory
Vital Armor W-Craft Wall-Crawl Water-affinity Water-Summon
Water-Walk Weapon of Mercy Weapon of Warding Weapon of Wrath Weapon-Break
Whirling Offense Whirlwind-Technique White-Affinity White-Summon