Pacts are a bond between a spirit and a summoner that allows the spirit to lend the summoner their strength. They are not entered into lightly, and a summoner can only withstand a certain number of pacts at a given time. There are also different strengths of pacts. The potency of the pact may bring greater requirements upon the summoner. Do not expect to obtain a total pact for meeting the bare requirements alone.

Half pacts mean you are known to the spirit and it acknowledges you as a summoner. They see merit, and are now invested.

Full pacts are given when you have impressed the spirit substantially. You are more than an interest, you are an ally. Beware that the spirit will want your services just as it gives services to you.

True pacts occur when you and the spirit are synced in beliefs. You exemplify what the spirit stands for, may you never dare to stray from it. Those that attain this status are candidates for becoming an avatar for the spirit, in due time.

Number of PactsEdit

A caller can have 1 half pact per 200 total JP.
A caller can have 1 full pact per 400 total JP.
A caller can only have 1 true pact ever, regardless of JP.
A half pact that becomes a full pact no longer counts as a half pact.


If you had 1000 JP you would have access to 5 half pacts and 2 full pacts, in addition to your true pact. If you had 199 JP, you could only get a complete pact, not even a single half pact. Some summoners get their true pact first for this reason, while others save it for a truly powerful being and tough it out for the first 200 JP.