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The world is populated by many Monsters as well as humans. This is the job for those of a more feral persuasion, fighting with tooth, claw and extra-limb. Monsters vary far and wide in their appearances and abilities, but overall do not get along well in cities. there are some exceptions, especially in the north where you are human one moment, and a monster the next with a splash of the lifestream.

Base StatsEdit

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Ability
NONE! 100% 100% The seed of rebellion is omnipresent in monsters. Even so called 'humans' can feel it. Monsters may willingly lapse into a [Berserk] status, wherein they may only use monstrous magic and none other. strength, and physical damage is increased by 50%. 50% chance of failing to perform any interrupt action, though ATB is lost anyway. Rage persists for three rounds. Can only be used once per day.

L4 LimitEdit

Let loose a deafening call to Gaia! Anyone within short range that fails a +resist/will against 4/6/8 loses 400 ATB in fearful hesitation.

L8 LimitEdit

Gaia is listening, but you are not. Consider your place in the larger scheme.


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Adrenaline 4 10
Berserk 4 5
Accumulate 4 5
Armor 6 10
Armor2 4 5
Toughen 4 15
Bloody-Roar 4 5
Burrow 4 5
Extra-Appendages 4 5
Colossus 4 5
Enhanced-Senses 6 10
Fly 4 10
Incite-Rage 4 10
Martial-Arts 6 15
No-Mind 4 10
Resist-Monster 16 5
Resist-Element 6 5
Quills 4 5
Raise-HP 4 10
Rage-Minor 4 5
Musk 4 10
Basic Skills JP Cost Max Rank
Alertness 3 10
Arcana 3 5
Athletics 3 10
Brawl 3 15
Defense 3 10
Empathy 3 5
Folk-Lore 3 5
Melee 3 5
Stealth 3 5

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