The Mime Class

Jack of all trades, Master of none. Mimes are a secretive group, some choosing not to speak altogether, but all share one common trait: The ability to replicate the talents of others, though they themselves are not skilled. Mimes are dangerous as allies and as enemies, seeing as how they can take any action and make it their own, even if only for a moment.

Base StatsEdit

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Ability
Level 4 Acolyte
Level 4 Fighter
Level 4 Mage
Level 4 Monster
Level 4 Mundane
Level 4 Rogue
100% 100% Use of the mimic ability has no delay. The mime may choose to repeat any other action performed that round, or the last action performed the round prior if the mime is the first to act. The mime can delay if they choose, and can choose how much to delay by.

L4 LimitEdit

Your next feat of blue magic is at +20/30/40% effect.

L8 LimitEdit

You may use any limit you that has already been used in combat, or that you know someone has, usually in the case of allies. This can be a level 4 or 8 limit. Level 8 limits must be actually usable by the person you are 'borrowing' from. The limit works in all ways as if you had the needed job and had the same amount of TP.


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Aptitude 4 25
Captivate 4 25
Enhanced-Senses 6 25
Imitate 4 25
Learn 8 25
Mimic 7 25
Scan 4 10
Basic Skills JP Cost Max Rank
Alertness 3 25
Arcana 3 20
Defense 3 20
Empathy 3 25
Folk-Lore 3 15
Investigation 3 20
Linguistics 3 25
Melee 3 15
Performing 3 20
Ranged 3 15
Science 3 25
Stealth 3 15
Streetwise 3 15
Subterfuge 3 25