Lord Mog
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A.K.A. The Monarch of the Moogles
Spirit Realm Alexander
Ally Spirits Famfrit
Enemy Spirits Unknown
Pact Requirements Imp-Summon 15
Archetype-Summon 15
Air-Summon 10
Perform/Dancing 15
Half Pact May dance spells instead of casting, for special effect. Danced spells have their AoE increased by 3 squares, but casting time increases by 1000 ATB(Not reducable).
Full Pact May dance as above, but atb penalty is only 500.
True Pact As above, but mute fails to stop the magic of this mage.
Geasa Gain a quirk as if you were a moogle. If a moogle, pom-pom turns gold and their quirk is twice as potent/frequent.

Patron monarch of the fae creatures known as Moogles. He can be a hard spirit to win over if you happen to be of different breeding. This spirit can be as annoying, if not more so, than it is helpful for it embodies all of the personality quirks inherent in his physical breathen.


Mog is a shining example of his brethern, but unlike most Moogles, he moves with an otherworldy rhythm. He dwells within the Hall of Mog in the City of Alexander, a place where the souls of Moogles and Mogs awaiting reincarnation gather to await their turn to be sent back to Gaia by their lord.
Mog himself when not in the Hall of Mog can usually be found in the company of his lord Famfrit, both as protector, advisor and aid to the golem spirit of Revolution. Though most notice after meeting the pair that Famfrit keeps the Mog close at hand so as to be able to temper his enthusiasm for running off and getting into mischief.
See Famfrit for more detail.

Spirit Channeler BenefitEdit