What is a Job?Edit

Your character will always be in one of a list of jobs as they advance. These jobs directly influence what abilities your character can learn, how well they can learn them, and grant certain special benefits. The information on a job falls into four major categories, as follows.

  • Requirements - What you need to take the job. Except in rare cases, jobs will be unlocked by progressing in other jobs.
  • Class Ability - A unique benefit you get for simply being in the class. Every class has one.
  • Skills - Split between basic and special skills. Basic Skills are mostly universal, while Special Skills include learning spells, special sword moves, how to steal, and many other diverse concepts
  • Limits - Special abilities you can activate in prolonged battles. Each job grants a level 4 and a level 8 Limit. You must have at least that level in the class to use those limits. When you reach level 8 in a class, you can use the level 4 limit even when in a different class.


Job TemplateEdit


A helpful breakdown of which job contributes to unlocking new jobs can be found at [1]