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A.K.A. Master of Games
Spirit Realm The Akashic Library
Ally Spirits Unknown
Enemy Spirits Unknown
Pact Requirements Archetype-Summon 15
Playing through one of his games
Half Pact None
Full Pact Once per day for 15 MP, may declare a 'roll 20'. All of the dice in any one roll are immediately treated as 20s. This can be done before or after the roll, and can affect anyone in line of sight as an interrupt costing 200 ATB.
May activate Spirit Channeler ability at 10 MP per paragraph.
True Pact Unknown
Geasa Unknown

Master of storytellers, this jovial spirit offers challenges of the mind to those who visit him at the Akashic Library.

All are welcome who bring good ale, or a bag of dice. Though the uneducated assume his love of dice to mark him a gambler, scholars know better. Gygax is a master of fortune, weaving tales of what could be, and what once perhaps was. The dice he lets loose are currents of fate, on which his stories flow. Summoners who beseech the spirit are often asked to join in one of his 'games', and to survive his challenges with character intact usually garners favor, and perhaps a pact.


A man in his late sixties, unassuming, mildly overweight, and balding, with what hair he has left bleached white with age and wisdom combined. His attire ranges from flamboyantly bright colors to more subdued scholarly robes, though more often the former, though always with thick glasses. Usually, he has a smile, and regards those around him kindly, but it is said that he can become much cooler when a 'game' is underway.

Spirit Channeler EffectEdit

While channeling Gygax, the summoner gains a specialized form of the Theme Music perk. Gygax's voice will describe the events going on around the character, even things they cannot see for themselves, often revealing a hint on how to proceed, or providing insight into the situation. (Judge's Discretion)