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Spirit Realm Alexander
Ally Spirits Alexander, Atma, Carbunkle, Taross
Enemy Spirits Unknown, Any that oppose Alexander.
Pact Requirements Archetype-Summon 15
Earth-Summon 10
Half Pact Teaches Spirit-Guard at 15
Full Pact Teaches Spirit-Guard at 25
True Pact Gain half pact with Alexander. Does not prevent summoner from obtaining a true pact with Alexander, though that is a difficult task itself.
Geasa Never cause a sacred place harm.

This spirit stands an almost eternal vigil at the gates of Alexander, the Holy Spirit City. When he is called upon, his summoners and their allies get to benefit of his great steadfastness and protection, as he shrouds them in a magical shield, safe from harm.


He will not pact with anyone who has not passed the tests to enter Alexander, but he is always willing to meet those at the gate and talk with them to offer advice. Not much is known about the Guardian, his history or who he might once have been, he is just the Guardian, always there, standing vigilant at the main gate of Alexander and all gates seeming simultaneous, ready to greet those who are welcome, to bar entry to those who have not the right to enter the holiest of places and to see that those who seek the testing are sent down the path of temptation.

Spirit Channeler BenefitEdit