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Lock your doors, your chests, hide your family jewels--Not that it will help with these sorts. Burglars are thieves that target places, rather than people, and are great at shoving things into the market for quick-cash. These felons one day aspire to be Larcenists.

Base StatsEdit

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Ability
Level 2 Rogue 100% 100% Once per day, one failed roll against a trap, lock, or other security device is ignored. The burglar may try again, or abort the attempt entirely at their option. The burglar may also spend 10 mp for +1 success in any security check.

L4 LimitEdit

Silently declare a square within short range as 'trapped'. The next thing to enter the square, friend or foe, sets it off. Roll for strength of the trap as per Set-Trap, increase potency by 10/15/20%.

L8 LimitEdit

Disable 1/1/2 squares of hostile terrain, causing them to be unable to damage you or your allies.


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Unlock 4 15
Feather-Walk 4 15
Detect-Gold 4 15
Sell-Hot 4 25
Set-Trap 4 5
Detect-Trap 4 15
Distract 3 10
Escape 4 115
Basic Skills JP Cost Max Rank
Investigation 3 15
Melee 3 5
Ranged 3 10
Security 3 15
Stealth 3 15
Streetwise 3 20
Subterfuge 3 15