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Usually starting out the hard way, they rely on their bodies instead of swords or other weapons. They become tough of body and soul.

Base StatsEdit

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Ability
Level 2 Fighter 85% 110% +10% HP, +15% damage when performing basic brawling attacks(not automatic)

L4 LimitEdit

Your next brawling attack is at -10/15/20% to counter(hamedo, dodge, block, etc).

L8 LimitEdit

Perform a basic brawl. For every 10% you beat your opponents attempt to counter, increase damage by 20/30/40%. This attack can breach up to two health levels. This HL penetration does not stack with anything.


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Martial-Arts 6 15
No-Mind 4 10
Raise-HP 4 15
Toughen 4 15
Chi 4 10
Wave-Fist 4 5
Repeating-fist 6 10
Blitz-Student 4 25
Agility 4 5
Dash 4 5
Counter-Tackle 4 15
Basic Skills JP Cost Max Rank
Alertness 3 10
Athletics 3 15
Brawl 3 15
Defense 3 15
Folk-Lore 3 5
Linguistics 3 10

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