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Monsters of the Boulder leaning are horrendously difficult to kill for their thick armor and resistance to attack. They perfer to wait it out with their incredible stamina and counter the assaults of the unwary. An Adamantoise is a good example of a Boulder.

Base StatsEdit

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Ability
Level 2 Monster 90% 110% +10% HP, Physical soak increased by 10% to a max of 100%(Automatic)

L4 LimitEdit

Fortifying their innate toughness, a boulder gains a +50% soak against all physical attacks so long as a strength 2/3/4 Defense Boost status remains in effect.

L8 LimitEdit

A boulder builds up a sudden layer of ablative armor. The next 100/150/200 points of damage done to them is instead removed from this armor until it is spent, or combat ends. The damage removed is -after- soak, not before it.


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Armor 6 20
Armor2 10 10
Burrow 4 10
Colossus 4 15
Counter-Tackle 4 10
Dash 4 10
Defend 4 15
No-Mind 4 15
Quills 4 15
Retort 4 10
Regenerator 5 10
Resist-Monster 16 10
Rage-Minor 4 25
Rage-Major 6 25
Raise-HP 4 15
Toughen 4 20
Basic Skills JP Cost Max Rank
Athletics 3 15
Defense 3 20
Empathy 3 10
Survival 3 15

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