Name Description
Alertness A measure of your character's awareness of themselves and their surroundings.
Arcana How in touch with the arcane arts you are, and how capable you are of wielding them in general
Artistry Your ability to create masterful and beautiful sound, imagery, or verse.
Athletics A general measure of your athletic ability, covering any maintained activity involving physical exertion
Brawl Fist, Foot, or Claw. This is your ability to dish out beatings without the assistance of a weapon.
Crafts From nick-nacks to castles, this is your degree of skill of making items many take for granted.
Defense Whether avoiding hits or taking them in stride, this skill covers your ability to defend yourself and make good use of defensive equipment, such as armor.
Empathy How well you feel the emotions or motives of others, and pick up on what they may not say.
Etiquette Knowing what to say to who to when and why. Also covers salad fork selection.
Farming Knowledge of growing things, from chocobos to corn. Breed responsibly.
Folk-Lore Collected myths and legends that, while not always true, help to arm you against the unknown.
Homekeeping Cleaning, Cooking, Gardening, and all other similar activities.
Investigation Sherlock Holmes to Guy Noir, your ability to sort out and understand clues that seem baffling on the surface.
Leadership How well you inspire those around you, rallying them forward. Used primarily in the mass combat system.
Linguistics Your ability to speak, read, and write.
Lore Knowledge of the mystic and arcane, spirits and monsters, this is an understanding of those things in the world which many never truly explore.
Medicine From applying band-aids to restarting hearts, Medicine is the skill you need to do it without any of that magic nonsense.
Melee Be it blunt or be it sharp, if you hold it in your hand and hit someone with it this is what you need.
Performing Masters of Dance, Song, and Speech are masters because of this skill.
Politics If you need to know what this is, you should read a newspaper.
Ranged Whether shooting with a bow, a gun, or just throwing things really far, it is all possible because of Ranged.
Riding Chocobos, Horses, and the occasional Dragon. Be advised, feed your mount BEFORE liftoff.
Sailing Your ability to navigate the oceans and maintain a ship.
Science Where Lore is the mysterious, Science is the explained. From Astronomy to Zoology, learn it from science!
Security The arts of lockpicking and lockcrafting, as well as the managing of traps and similar obstacles.
Stealth This skill is hiding from explanation. It may also be sneaking, we can't tell.
Streetwise How well you know the streets, and can listen in on things going on. Highly versatile.
Subterfuge This skill is not a liar, but is made of delicious cake. Somehow, you believe it.
Survival The various things that go into surviving in a hostile environment are covered by this skill, from tracking food to building a shelter.
Torture This reflects the size of your current Barbara Streisand collection.