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Painters, sculptors, anyone who works at their arts and crafts for the sole purpose of creating something beautiful. Artists toil over their works to make majestic wonders, to sell or to display.

Base StatsEdit

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Ability
Level 3 Mundane 100% 100% +10 to all Artistry and Inspire rolls(not automatic).

L4 LimitEdit

You must reach higher for perfection.

L8 LimitEdit

Weave a sudden illusion. The illusion is not material and possesses only sound and visual sensory. It can be mobile, small as a mouse, or as large as a small house. It persists as long as an Artistry status of strength 5/10/15 lasts.


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Inspire 4 25
Meticulous Perfection 4 10
Synthesization 4 5
Business-Sense 4 5
Basic Skills JP Cost Max Rank
Artistry 3 25
Crafts 3 15
Empathy 3 10
Streetwise 3 10