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A divine chemist. Taking a more naturel course than the tinkerer, alchemists focus on natural reactions.

Base StatsEdit

Prerequisites MP Mod HP Mod Ability
at level 3 100% 100% The Alchemist may apply one-use items to the entire party, giving the item's benefit to all of his/her allies listed by '+aoe me=3'.

L4 LimitEdit

.Items affect all enemies or allies on the battlefield as appropriate. With 200 TP, there is a 25% chance of not expending the item.

L8 LimitEdit

Beneficial items affect all allies on the battlefield. Effect is increased by 50/75/100%


Special Skills JP Cost Max Ranks
Alchemy 4


Combine 8 25
Craft Skill 6 1
Herbalism 4 25
Meticulous Perfect 4 25
Mix 8 25
Scientific Method 4 10
Throw-Item 4 25
Use-Item 4 25
Basic Skills JP Cost Max Rank
Alertness 3 10
Crafts 3 25
Folk-Lore 3 20
Homekeeping 3 15
Lore 3 20
Science 3 20
Survival 3 10

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